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    Daniel Müller-Schott


    „He plays wide, beautifully, without
    drowning the winding outlines of
    these monologues.” Diapason

    Beethoven Vol2

    Balance, wisdom, perfection

    Exceptional – CD of the month, Scherzo 06/2010
    “… the two [Beethoven] sonatas Op. 102 offer interpretations that – to be perfectly honest – eclipse almost everything that’s been recorded on CD so far.

    Juan-García Rico, Scherzo

    'Once again Müller-Schott and Hewitt deliver strong and committed performances characterised by great attention to detail and wonderful musical interaction. The three sets of variations are projected with charm, elegance and virtuosity'

    BBC Music Magazine

    'These performances are strongly characterised, clearly etched and full of life and drama. The account of the D major Sonata's great, sombre Adagio is powerfully eloquent … with Müller-Schott demonstrating a breathtaking control of subtle changes in tone and dynamic level'


    '[D major sonata] They project the D major middle section as the ray of light it is. Then they excel in projecting the final fugue clearly, while giving free rein to its sharp cross-accents and registral leaps. Here, Müller-Schott brings a steely intensity to his high passages and an effective growling colour to those down below, while Hewitt deploys her Bachian expertise to advantage, yet conveys Beethoven's counterpoint as pianistically spikier and more rebarbative.'

    International Record Review

    The Daily Telegraph Classical CD of the week

    'Absorbing interpretations, where the two players instinctively click and the music comes across with vibrancy, sensitivity and a galvanising unanimity of purpose'

    The Daily Telegraph

    'Müller-Schott is certianly one of the finest cellists before the public today, and this is his core native repertory. The performances have the winning freshness of rediscovery'

    The Sunday Times

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