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    Daniel Müller-Schott

    Latest News

    „The performances have
    the winning freshness of
    rediscovery“ The Sunday Times

    NDR Radio - Daniel Müller-Schott live on Air

    Sa 17.09.16, 4pm NDR Radio - Daniel Müller-Schott live on Air with Elgar’s Cello Concerto together with NDR Radiophilharmonie under Karl-Heinz Steffens at the final concert of the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » more

    BR Klassik are having a draw for the new CD „Duo Sessions“

    So. 18.09.16, from 3pm BR Klassik:  Switch on and win! » more

    SR2 Kulturradio: Gabi Szarvas will introduce „Duo Sessions“

    Fr 09.09.16, 6.00pm SR2 Kulturradio „Abendmusik“ Gabi Szarvas will introduce „Duo Sessions“ » more

    Artist of the month

    Daniel Müller-Schott - Artist of the month at „Interlude“ » more

    Duo Sessions Julia Fischer & Daniel Müller-Schott

    Mo, 29.08.2016, 7pm Radio NDR 1 MV "Kulturjournal" will introduce Daniel Müller-Schott's new CD DUO SESSIONS. » more

    CD release DUO SESSIONS

    Sa 13.08.16, 8.30am BR-KLASSIK radio the Saturday-Magazine "Piazza" and "B5 aktuell" introduces the new CD release DUO SESSIONS » more

    DUO SESSIONS was awared with Supersonic

    "Wenn das Duo zum Uno wird". » more

    5 / 5 stars

    Kodály: Duo; Ravel: Sonata, etc CD review – brilliant string duos from Fischer and Müller-Schott. » more

    Daniel Müller-Schott live

    Dvorak Concerto - Daniel Müller-Schott's live Broadcast of the Opening Concert of the Heidelberger Frühling in Germany together with the SWR Sinfonie Orchestra » available for playback

    Rhapsody in School

    Daniel Müller-Schott will visit a 5th grade at the State High School Holzkirchen, Tuesday 26th July 2016.