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    Daniel Müller-Schott


    „The performances have
    the winning freshness of
    rediscovery“ The Sunday Times

    Robert Schumann - Works for Cello and Piano

    Robert Schumann
    Works for Violoncello and Piano

    Mondnacht Op. 39/5
    Sonate a-moll Op. 105 (Bearbeitung für Violoncello)
    3 Romanzen Op. 94
    5 Stücke im Volkston Op. 102
    Fantasiestücke Op. 73
    Abendlied Op. 85/12

    Daniel Müller-Schott
    Robert Kulek, Klavier

    Orfeo C 617 041 A
    Release: January 2005

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    "Without any excessive flourishes, moving purposefully along the melodic line, on his new CD, Daniel Müller-Schott plays Robert Schumann’s pieces for cello. Moving, intimate romanticism without any sentimentality." (FOCUS 6/2005, CD-Tipp)