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    Daniel Müller-Schott


    „The performances have
    the winning freshness of
    rediscovery“ The Sunday Times

    Khachaturian Concerto for Cello and Orchestra

    Khachaturian Concerto for Cello and Orchestra
    Khachaturian Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

    Daniel Müller-Schott
    Arabella Steinbacher
    City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
    Sakari Oramo

    Orfeo C 623 041 A
    Release: March 2004

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    Daniel Müller-Schott, without a doubt the most fascinating of today’s young cellists, produces a blazingly intensive tone. So direct, so totally emotional is the way in which he approaches Katchaturian that there can be no doubts about the sincerity of this tragic music. (Fono-Forum 08/04)

    "More than just a showpiece for a virtuoso. Daniel Müller-Schott proofs to be a passionate embassador for Khatchaturian's Cello Concerto. Technically flawless, with brilliance and great musicality..." (WDR Klassik, Germany, March 2004)

    "In Daniel Müller-Schott's hands, the in 1946 firstly performed cello concerto beseeches and burns with the right degree of Eastern tone in its soul." (Stuttgarter Zeitung, April 2004)