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    Daniel Müller-Schott


    „The performances have
    the winning freshness of
    rediscovery“ The Sunday Times

    Beethoven - Cellosonaten Vol.1
    instrumental & chamber
    Editor's Choice

    Cello Sonatas Vol.1

    Op.5 No.1, Op.5 No.2, Op. 69

    Daniel Müller-Schott
    Angela Hewitt

    http://www.orfeo-international.de/Hyperion CDA67633
    Release: November 2008

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    „Dramatically etched performances of Britten's three solo cello masterpieces.“ (The Strad, October 2011)

    Daniel Müller-Schott has achieved a highly concentrated reading that is borne technically by a mastery worthy of admiration. Musically it is fired by a rich tonal imagination, finely contoured figures and, above all, by the power that resides in tranquillity.” (Bernhard Neuhoff, BR Klassik Leporello 08.06.2011)

    In his new recording of all three suites, Daniel Müller-Schott has achieved a gripping rendition. (Sabine Weber, WDR 3 TonArt, 07.06.2011)